About Health Plans

Your health plan will make sure you see the right doctor when you need to. A health plan has its own group of doctors, hospitals and other providers. You choose one of the doctors from your plan to be your Primary Care Provider (PCP). NYC Medicaid members living with HIV or who are transgender or qualify as homeless can join an HIV Special Needs Plan. Dependent children can also join an HIV Special Needs Plan with their parents.

Your Primary Care Provider (PCP)

Your PCP will get to know you and will keep track of your medical history. Your PCP will also refer you to specialists and to services, such as laboratory tests. If you see a specialist often, your specialist can be your PCP.

Joining a Medicaid health plan

Most New Yorkers with Medicaid must join a health plan to get their care. If you do not choose a plan, the Medicaid Program will choose one for you. If you want help in choosing a plan, call New York Medicaid Choice.

Some people do not have to join a plan

Some people with Medicaid do not have to or cannot join a Plan because of a medical condition or other reason. You can find a complete list of who does not have to join a health plan on the left hand side of this page. Call New York Medicaid Choice to learn more. 

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