About Long Term Care Plans

A Long Term Care Plan provides services to people with a disability or long-lasting health problem. Your plan will make sure you get the long term care services you need. Long term care includes help with day-to-day and personal activities, home health aides, adult day health and other services.

You will have a Care Manager

You will have a Care Manager who will get to know you and talk with you about your services. Your Care Manager will assist you and anyone else you want to involve, in developing a Plan of Care that meets your specific needs.

Who must join a plan?  

You must join a plan to get Medicaid home care and other long term care services if:

  • You have both Medicaid and Medicare
  • You need home care, adult day health care, or other long term care for more than 120 days (four months)
  • You are age 21 or older.

If you do not choose a plan, the Medicaid Program will choose a plan for you. It’s important to choose your plan! If you have questions or want help in choosing a plan, call New York Medicaid Choice at 1-888-401-6582, TTY: 1-888-329-1541.

Who does not have to join a plan?

Some Medicaid members do not have to join a Long Term Care Plan to receive their services. They can join a plan if they want to. You can see a complete list of who does not have to join a Long Term Care Plan. Call New York Medicaid Choice to learn more.


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Have questions? We’re here to help. Our counselors will be glad to answer your questions. We can also help you choose a plan over the phone. All languages are spoken.